Tuesday 26 August 2014

Feeling ginger, weather haus and Hans and Gretel

I am thinking most people would know what this is and I'm guessing quite a few would own a Weather Haus, especially if you are from Europe. Like it's cousin the cuckoo clock I believe their  origins hail from  Germany and Switzerland and they not only cute,but practical too. I was given this dear little kitsch Weather Haus by a dear friend for Christmas and I just cherish it. Everyday without fail either Hans or Gretel ( not exactly original names, but nothing else seemed appropriate ) would pop out and really instruct me on the wily ways of our daily weather. This winter that is turning into Spring has really given them a work out. Poor darlings...absolutely no rest!
My last post was all about embracing Spring with yellow Daffodils. Well it seems the minute I posted the blog we had a massive hail storm. The sun strived to shine afterwards, but a howling southerly storm whipped any golden glow out the sky and for the next few days Winter returned like an angry tiger ripping trees over and lifting roofs off houses and it even closed our 'one-way in and out road' that connects Eastbourne to the outside world with wild waves cascading over the road littering it with huge tree trunks and debris. Then to add to the mix I went down with a serious head cold which included an inner ear infection, yucky!, but luckily I did manage to finish my latest Artwork inspired by my little Weather Haus and Hans and Gretel.
The title of this art work basically sums up how I think our locals feel;
'Even Hans and Gretel needed a break from the weather'
Just looking how Hans and Gretel who seemed to be in and out of their little house with such alacrity I was beginning to sense that they might be getting a little fed up with their job and the inclement weather. So they decided a break was what was needed and with their bags packed and followed by their deer ( well I couldn't let them be left behind could I? ) they departed for a much desired holiday! I finished this artwork and promptly fell sick the next day. So unlike Hans and Gretel off on holiday I  put a note on my shoppe door 'Not well, in bed,but back soon'. We just need the sun to shine it's healing light and heat to lift our spirits and entice Hans and Gretel back. Funnily, I do a rough sketch before I translate it on to canvas..and when I came to paint  Gretel she really did develop a kind of 'pissed off' look with not too much painting input from me and poor old Hans well I have seen that look before on my husband when they know they are in the wrong, but even though they are listening to their partners..it is sort of going in one ear and straight out the other! Which brings me to another title that might work...
"That's the last time I go on a working Holiday with you!"
Bless us all and roll on Spring...Pretty please........

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  1. Your painting is wonderful, and does capture those feelings. I'm happy it's spring now, I know we still have a few cold days to go but it's nice to see the days are getting longer. I hope your feeling better from your cold now.