Tuesday 16 September 2014

Animal antics and a hasty escape

I am starting back to front in this posting...but before I digress any further I just want to declare that I am NOT going to mention anything about the weather! I have looked back on the few blogs I have written and it appears that I am weather obsessed...which may be the case, but for this blog posting it is all about my latest artwork fresh of the easel. It has the longest title I have ever concocted in my career as an artist... so introducing the title... 'The main characters didn't like where the plot was going so made a hasty escape' or in short title...'A hasty escape' Yes a long title to a pretty quirky artwork! This would work as an illustration to a book, however there is no book ( any writers out there who wish to write a story around this artwork feel free!) The story has been rumbling around inside my imagination for quite awhile now and the inspiration has come from my love for 'little people' and my passion for reading. The one thing that upsets me is starting a book and wading through the first few chapters and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere or the writing style is like eating stale toast and then it's equally not nice when you don't gel with the main characters. That is when I put my book down in the failed pile. So with all that in my mind I came up with the idea ....what would happen if the main characters didn't like the storyline or plot and escaped out of the book and ran away! I imagined the author has left his story writing and has gone to make a cup of tea or running an errand and it is while she/he is away they do a runner! Clever characters! Although I am worried about how the dog is going to get down the paper clips. I am hoping the pooch gets down safely along the owner..I think the man in the blue sweater offers to help them both down....meanwhile the author comes back to sit down with his cup of tea and OH NO! he can't write anymore...The old writers block has got him...what happens next is a mystery to me. Maybe I've got writers block now!?!

while we are all thinking about small people escaping how about the antics of miniature animals!Again with my love of all things tiny I have had since my childhood been captivated with early Brittons plastic animals. I still have a few originals that have been saved from my childhood, however they are pretty chewed up..just recently I have started acquiring these little beauties again and enjoy having a little photographic fun with them as I am sharing with you now at the top the photo is called 'PIGGY BACK' and the next just above is 'MUMMY PIG WITH HER PIGLET PILE UP!

Now for my finale ...'why did the chicken cross the road?' because he had a trike...of course!
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By the way the weather today has been perfection! Springing sunshine and puffy little white clouds gamboling around in the blue sky like new born lambs!

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  1. I love the stories behind your pictures!! And that chicken on a trike is priceless!! It's a lovely sunshiny morning here too :)